White & Wall

We are an investment group serving a narrow range of wealthy clients. We offer direct access to the financial markets of the US and Europe, investment ideas as well as timely analytics coming from Hong Kong and London.

What we offer

We provide professional help for those who seek access to the liquid markets of the US and Europe


You are the one to manage your funds

Investment advisory

Timely investment ideas

Personal broker

Our team is working for you

Asset Management

Your investments are managed by our professionals

Investment ideas

We suggested:

225 investment ideas

72% closed with profit

247 investment ideas

78% closed with profit

211 investment ideas

73% closed with profit

Our analytics target the world’s most liquid markets


White & Wall

White & Wall offers access to the financial markets of the US and Europe. We only deal with the most reliable and liquid assets.
Our investment ideas are based on the timely market analytics we receive from Hong Kong and London

Our team consists of high-profile financial market specialists

White & Wall works with both individual and institutional investors
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We provide our clients with exceptional opportunities on financial markets

Outstanding market performance is a hidden gem which can only be provided to a narrow range of investors

In the world of low interest rates capital allocation and generating income have become a challenge. We help our client to achieve their goals in the current environment

We offer liquid and reliable investment vehicles to generate value for our clients

Dubious economic outlook makes saving and investing a challenge in 2020

This is where advanced investment vehicles provide advantage


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