White & Wall

Our goal is making the clients’ capital grow

We are an investment group serving a narrow range of wealthy clients. We offer direct access to the financial markets of the US and Europe, investment ideas as well as timely analytics coming from Hong Kong and London.

We rely on a team of professionals

Creating the Company was a decision of several investment and brokerage services professionals. Gradually, the team gathered a pool of trusting clients and decided to establish an independent firm – White & Wall.


Brokerage firm Lek Securities


of the 260 suggested trades delivered profit

USD 500 000

is the insurance amount provided by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

Our partners


JPMorgan Chase is committed to raising specialists who deal with investor relations and market theory training

We work with a limited range of clients

White & Wall is not targeting mass market. We value highly profitable trades. To reach this goal we carefully choose assets to invest in and trading ideas to use. Such approach is not suitable for every investor. That is why we make some restrictions on whom to work with.

Why White & Wall?

Other advantages of partnering with us include:

Analytics-driven approach

We make investing decisions based on the data we obtain from market professionals

Choice of how to invest

The clients may choose whether to trade on their own or work in contact with asset manager (we may recommend an independent portfolio manager)


Our team consists of experienced finance specialists with notable background

Security and reliability

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and highly reliable brokers


We value the clients’ privacy and account-related personal data
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