Investment advisory

(Personal investment analyst)

Up-to-the-minute investment ideas 24/7

This is a service for VIP-clients: we present investment ideas tailored to your needs; you decide which of them to implement

How investment advisory works

Investment advisory service helps you to minimize your market risks when doing trading. We monitor the market, search for the best trades and notify the client via telephone (text message) or trading platform

Four steps to successful investing:

  1. Open an account with our Broker partner
  2. Get free access to trading platform
  3. Receive investment ideas
  4. Receive investment ideas

Personal investment analyst is ready to help

When opening an account with one of our Broker partners you get access to the work of our investment team:

Leave the market analysis on the professionals

Focus on the things that really matter to you

Receive tailored investment advice

Get opportunity to use various investment vehicles

Make your decision based on our analytics

We are here to make your capital grow

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